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Make a creative Facebook Timeline design

Have you ever wanted to create something like this without even using PhotoShop? Now there is an free app for Windows and Linux which lets you slice the correct avatar image that matches cover photo. Just a few clicks in app and you are done :)

Download it from here:

Facebook Covers App

A new Facebook Cover App is comming soon. Stay tune for updates and download link.

Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix) [HD] (by cbdirtbiker5)

Artist Market v1.0


Are you ever needed to find  a some creative resources like Photoshop actions or website templates? This app may help you out. The content is divided into few groups:

GRAPHICS - for a backgrounds,icons,print layouts,Photoshop add-ons,web elements,vectors,fonts,Facebook Cover Templates and more…

MOVIES - for a motion graphics like stock footage,Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects templates.

CODE - lots of goodies for a PHP,JavaScript,HTML5,Flash and .NET programmers.

TEMPLATES - HTML templates,Flash templates,Wordpress,Blogger templates,PSD layouts,Drupal,Joomla,CSS3 and sure some of Tumblr templates too.

FLASH & UNITY 3D - the name says it all. Flash and Flex components,add-ons,game sources,image viewers,video players… Unity 3D game development kits.

TOP - here you can find a most popular items by categories and find additional stuff like 3D models,Royalty free music and sound effects plus stock photos.

Give it a try! If you are creative and got skills you can make money by selling own items.


What will I do without Deviantart tomorrow??

by =Jessismith

At first, when I heard that my favorite website, Newgrounds is going to be offline from 8am to 8pm. I figured that Deviantart would be my crutch, but I see that it will also be down to protest the SOPA act.  I don’t agree with SOPA at all, but it is sad that I will lose two of my favorite places to hang out tomorrow.  I could work on some extensive project….but at the same time, I will miss looking at everyone’s art and stuff.  Oh well.

See you all in a day, lol.


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Have a awesome and fun New Years!

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